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Your Visit

Eye Associates of Northern New EnglandAs any physician knows, the most important part of an examination is the history.  Your visit at Eye Associates will start with a detailed history of the reason for your visit as well as any current and past eye and medical problems.

For those individuals coming in for a comprehensive examination, the nest step is a visual assessment that allows the doctor to determine the most appropriate way to achieve the best vision possible.  This may be through the use of eyeglasses utilizing either traditional or custom lenses, contact lenses, or surgery.

Following this, the eye pressure is measured (part of the glaucoma assessment) and the structures surrounding and inside the eye are examined ulitilzing a special microscope called a slit-lamp.  This examination does require the use of a weak dilating agent which enables the doctor to see all the different parts of the eye to look for abnormalities that could affect vision or indicate the presence of an unknown medical condition.

If an abnormality in the eye is found, our office has state of the art imaging instruments (for both the front and back of the eye) that can give the doctor more information about the problem to assist in making the best treatment decisions.

Finally, at the conclusion of the examination the doctor will review in detail all findings from the examination and with the patient will decide on the most appropriate course of treatment.